Deposits are required for booking any appointments with alecia only. She is booked out far in advance so please book ahead!

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Thank you for choosing Koi Beauty Studio. We have a wonderful staff, who truly care about the clients, and who go above and beyond to give them the best service, with the best products, catered to their personal needs.

We make sure that each and every client is safe with our sanitary practices. We never re-use files, buffers, pumice stones, jets and liners, which should be disposed of, or taken home and brought back after each client. We are the only salon in Wilmington that has patented pedicure chairs with  disposable JETS (which harbors bacteria). We also use the highest grade products available, to guarantee our work, and for your safety. 

Since we opened our doors in 2014, we have carried Vegan and Cruelty free polish and gelpolish with an array of colors for you to choose from. 

Please call us if you have any difficulties with our online booking system.

We do have a waiting list for Alecia. If you would like to be on it, give us a call at the studio and let us know what services you would like along with the date and time you are looking for. We will be sure to get back to you.

 Any child under 12 must be accompanied by a separate Adult Not receiving a service, for safety reasons, and must stay in waiting area.