Please read the salon policy below before booking.


 Salon Policy

Children in the salon- We love our little ones, but we have dangers all around., we just want  to be able to provide a service to the best of our ability. We also do not want to interfere with the relaxation of our other clients (this may be a me-time for them). Any child under 12 not receiving a service, must be supervised by a separate adult.

Fungus, cuts, open wounds- We want to maintain the safety of our clients and our staff above all else. We will not be able to work on clients who have any type of fungal infection, open wounds or sores. We want to help fight the spread of diseases associated with unsanitary nail salons, and we believe in quality over quantity.  Please  call us to schedule a private consultation if you have any worries or concerns, in the end, we only want what’s best for the clients

How to Book

Choose 'ANY AVAILABLE' when booking, if you want the soonest appointments available.

Soaking off gelpolish or acrylic- If you need to soak off an old set of acrylic nails, then you would need to come in an hour before your scheduled appointment. If you are soaking off gelpolish (hands or toes) then you would need to come in 15 minutes earlier then your scheduled appointment. ** Please do not book the first appointment in the morning if you need to soak. If your appointment is at 9 / 10, then we will not be there at 8 / 9 to soak. **

Adding services- All of the services listed are booked according to the average time it takes to complete. If you need to add things like nail art, or gelpolish on your acrylic full set, then you will need to add those services at the time of booking, to allocate for that amount of time.

Booking w/ CC and Cancelation- You are not charged at the time of booking. You will only be charged a fee of  if you do not show, or cancel last minute (48 hour), as we need time to re-book other clients. The full fee of 50% is given directly to the employee, to compensate missing out on the opportunity to book another client in that spot. Unfortunately, in the past we had people take advantage of our good faith, and we thank you for understanding.  We may have an immediate walk-in availability, just call ahead. 

Call us if you have any questions before booking so we can help you make it as easy as possible! 910-274-5155 and we will help


By booking online you agree to have read and understood our salons policy.


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