Children- No children under 12, unless receiving a service, or supervised by a separate adult. We all love our children, but we handle sharp objects, chemicals, and other items not safe for children. We do not wish to disturb our other clients, as this might be their getaway, or special treat.

Cancellations- We require a 48 hour notice to avoid a cancellation fee of 50%. If we have have an emergency and we have to cancel under 48 hours, we will also credit you 50% off at your rescheduled service. 

Soaking off old Acrylics- Come in an hour BEFORE your appointment time to soak off. You can not come at 9 am to soak, as no one will be at the salon, so your appointment must be booked at 11am, or come in before closing the night before, no later than 6pm.

Fungus, cuts, or open sores- We will not service those who have any of these, according to state board regulations.